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David S. Forman, Esq., specializes in vetting, due-diligence services, innovative business management solutions and building business models specifically designed for the professional athlete, entertainer and sudden-wealth individual. In an era where financial fraud and investment malfeasance by fiduciaries is now the norm and not the exception, professional athletes and investors have to be prudent and overly cautious more than ever.

Pro Athletes and High Net Worth Individuals


At Davd S. Forman, Esq., we recognize the need for preemptive strategies and safeguards specifically tailored for the professional athlete and or high net worth/sudden-wealth individual. Our vetting and due-diligence investigative research is unsurpassed and on the cutting edge of business intelligence gathering. We cultivate and foster valuable partnerships with a number of governmental and private entities in a preemptive manner instrumental in mitigating risk(s) associated with investor fraud. Through turnkey linking, data analytics, real- time monitoring capabilities, and our expansive business intelligence network, David S. Forman, Esq., manages comprehensive volumes of critical data that delivers accurate and targeted information needed for better decisions to protect professional athletes and high net worth Individuals against unforeseen investment risk(s).

Career Development and Management


David S. Forman, Esq's., career and life development teams recognized a significant void in the market where most high net worth individuals, specifically professional athletes and entertainers, are forced to choose from one-stop shop “full service agent firms” that are often grossly inexperienced and lacking the requisite expertise to manage their complex needs. David S. Forman, Esq., career development and innovative business management solutions applied to key areas are vital to the growth and success of a company, athlete, entertainer and high worth individual:

  • product and company endorsements

  • career development

  • branding and licensing

  • public relations and media representation

  • protecting you and your brand

  • contract analysis and agent vetting

  • crisis management

  • tax advice

  • legal advice

  • life skills/life planning

  • financial investments

You are the business. You are the product. You are the brand.


Our methodology involves first educating and effectively communicating three simple philosophical core business principles to our client(s): you are the business, you are the product, you are the brand. Once this philosophy is fully adopted by the client, we then begin the integration process of merging the “I am” business principles into a corporately structured business model utilizing the “best practice” doctrine(s). Simply, David S. Forman,Esq., systematically builds, structures, and develops a privately held corporate entity (owned solely by the client) for the client and their core talent offering as the “business, brand, and product.” Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across multiple industries and business functions, David S. Forman, Esq., collaborates with clients to offer a business model specifically designed for the professional athlete, entertainer and sudden-wealth Individual by some of the world’s top consulting and management firms, that helps them become high-performance, highly profitable business entities.

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