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A sports agent's job should be to vigorously safeguard and advance his client's interest with the undying loyalty of a fiduciary. Also players, who have a short professional career, need to have an idea of how to successful move on with their life. However, agents, who are often more sophisticated in business, usually cultivate the dependency of the naive young athlete. For many agents, once a client's playing career is over, the agent has no inclination to help a client with their mundane life activities.This should remain as a word of caution to professional athletes to remain smart when deciding on their representation. In the growing era of show me the money, it would be wise for athletes to hire an attorney to help them maximize their potential earnings.


The opportunities for sports and entertainment professionals are abundant. The lure of great economic opportunity in sports and entertainment attracts many individuals. Sadly, some are more interested in "tagging on" and taking personal advantage of a professional's success than in actually working in their true interest. Professional athletes and entertainers must be protected from polluted environment to ensure that their finances and reputations remain strong. It is critical that athletes and entertainers retain an experienced group of professional advisors who will oversee, guard and advise them in securing their best interest.

Misconceptions & Dangers

The majority of the time the athlete or entertainer is not being advised by the proper person. In most cases, such person lacks the proper background training and experience necessary to be advising or making decisions on behalf of the athlete or entertainer. Also and as mentioned earlier, the decision that person is making will benefit his/herself rather than the athlete or entertainer. These decisions could lead to different scenarios that will have a negative affect on the athlete or entertainer:

  1. Financial risk / Considerable losses

  2. Legal problems / Law suits

  3. Damage to reputation / Public grievance

Mission & Professional Approach

At David S. Forman, Esq., we position ourselves to best advise our client's both within their own internal management organization and within their external contract, project, asset and venture portfolio. This begins with a complete understanding of our client's situation, objectives, and constraints. Our team keeps a constant eye on changing trends and market developments in order to provide the most reliable advice and accurate references. Confidentiality is most important and it extends through all stages of a professionals career: developmental, active and beyond. We believe in transparency and continuity. As such, our relationship with our client is most important and our efforts focus in minimizing risk and maximizing value throughout all aspects of the relationship. We also understand that professional sports and entertainment careers can be short-lived. This means an emphasis must be placed on preserving and protecting all revenue streams, asset portfolios and public relation platforms so that the fruit of such provides our athletes / entertainers with a lifetime of fulfilment, security and growth.

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