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For the past twelve years, David S. Forman, Esq., has represented clients involved in practically every aspect of the business of sports.

Our firm has represented numerous athletes, owners, and others involved in the business of sports. Our clients have come to us for general business advice and representation, for assistance in negotiating contracts, leases, and league structures, for specific advice on how to structure their businesses to avoid controversy. David S. Forman, Esq., provides counsel and representation on a broad arrary of sports-related legal matters. Our goal is to provide sports professionals, amateurs and companies with effective legal representation. We also advise on collateral career issues such as copyright, trademark, brand, privacy and publicity rights protection.
Our sports clients are engaged in a varity of sports-related activities including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, extreme sports and more.

David S. Forman, Esq., is a full-service, sports and entertainment law firm, with expertise incorporating quick, reliable, quality services for the exclusive benefit of each client's current and future needs. We are an experienced group of professionals with specialized proficiency in:


  • negotiating and reviewing sports contracts

  • general contract and document review and advice

  • general legal matters

  • problem solving

  • litigation prevention

  • marketing

  • sponsorship, endorsements and other opportunities

  • media relations

  • business transactions

  • career management

  • post-career counseling

  • assist in a variety of other practice areas


In representing our clients in player and contract negotiations, licensing negotiations, business structuring, and other matters, David S. Forman, Esq., offer a key advantage: we provide the same services as traditional sports agents, but charge on an hourly-fee basis or flat-fee basis rather than a straight percentage-of-income basis. This important difference can save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars over the course of a professional athlete's career.


Through insightful planning, professional practices and exceptional personal service, David S. Forman, Esq., offers a high level of: legal experience, practical experience, educational experience, know-how, contacts, market/industry insight and confidentiality. We have been providing our clients with countless years of sophisticated range of knowledge and experience representation in virtually every aspect of the business of sports and entertainment that is unique and unparalleled in the industry. David S. Forman, Esq., has been a key industry player in the creation and evolution of complex sports and entertainment transactions predicated on its in-depth industry knowledge, its extensive experience, and its rich tradition of approaching every deal with diligence, perspective and innovation.


Few law firms can match our track record in high-profile sports and entertainment transactions. David S. Forman, Esq., has a proven track record of success representing various sports and entertainment clients in cutting edge matters. We can shield clients from many of the dangers associated in dealing with the predators in today's industry.

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