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David S. Forman, Esq.


David Forman obtained his Juris Doctor degree from the St. Thomas University of Law in 2005. Mr. Forman attended the University of Arizona as an undergraduate and earned a Bachelor of Science in Retailing and Consumer Studies in 2001.

Mr. Forman, in 2008, founded David Forman, Esq., Attorneys at Law, representing a wide range of clients that includes real estate investors, small businesses, athletes, entertainers and corporate general counsel for Lingerie Football League and many other companies.

David S. Forman, Esq., Mr. Forman concentrates on the litigation of business disputes, real estate, contracts, business transactions, and intellectual property. He provides consultative services for businesses, governmental agencies, courts and stockholders, as well as coordinate and reviewed the analysis of potential regulatory issues, fraud investigations, creditor relations, and supporting litigation strategies. Mr. Forman also specialized in crisis management for a variety of clients.


David S. Forman, Esq., specializes representing its clients in a wide variety of sports related and entertainment matters. David S. Forman, Esq., goal is to provide sports professionals, amateurs and companies with effective legal representation by representing its clients in the following areas, including, but not limited to, legal, financial, management/representation, and public relations.


Mr. Forman, in 2010, founded Pro Guardian Advisory. Pro Guardian Advisory is a boutique, client-specific consulting group with offices in Miami and New York. Its primary focus is developing support and educational platforms in order to best position prospective and professional athletes and entertainers to succeed. Pro Guardian Advisory does not act as a sports agent or financial advisor. 

Mr. Forman continues to advise individuals in their careers in professional sports and entertainment.  He acts as an advisor for clients, protecting them through legal representation, as well as advising them in developing a career with longevity. Mr. Forman’s focus is on guiding clients to succeed by providing the proper advice, protection, and education needed to establish and advance reputable, profitable, and fulfilling careers in sports and entertainment.


David s Forman is also the owner of children's rehab network. Since 1991, Children's Rehab Network has been caring for children ages newborn to 21 whose conditions require continuous nursing, education, and therapeutic care. We work to help stabilize and improve a medically fragile child's condition and to assist the family as much as possible. Parents get help so they can return to work, go back to school, or care for their other children.



Pro Bono/Volunteer Work:

Boys and Girls Club of America

Habitat for Humanity

Special Olympics


JAFCO-Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options

The Young Women’s Academy for Academic and Civic Development at J.R.E. Lee Opportunity School


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