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At the law firm David S. Forman, Esq., we provide our clients with countless years of player contract review, proper legal review, legal guidance, legal advice and legal protection needed to establish and advance reputable, profitable and fulfilling careers.​


We are well knowledgeable in multifaceted player contracts and clauses, including, but not limited to, escalator packages, bonus structures, compensation, payment, deductions, injuries, rules, termination, specific legal language and others such as the following:


  • base salaries

  • signing bonus

  • roster bonus

  • workout bonus

  • incentives

  • honors

  • salary escalators

  • first year cap


Due to the new Collective Bargaining Agreements and the fact that player contracts are not fully-guaranteed, we focus our attention to detailed legal reviews, which is the essence of providing proper legal guidance, legal advice and legal protection to our clients during our contract reviews. Our due-diligence and vetting of the four corners of the contract and beyond ensure maximum security and protection for our clients.


Our team understands our clients’ priorities and goals when reviewing their contracts. We understand that our clients’ want to:


  • maximize earnings over the course of their careers

  • get compensated among the top paid players at their position

  • secure a deal that allows our client to enter free agency in the prime of their career

  • gain leverage throughout their term

  • secure guaranteed monies


With David S. Forman Esq., our clients benefit from access to some of the best sports and entertainment legal experts in the world. Our "Player Contract Analysts" are expert legal strategists well experienced in the complexities of player market valuation as it relates to player compensation and sports contract law. Our contract review and analytics are tailored to the specific needs of the player professional athlete in order to ensure complete protection and maximized contract worth.

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